Get Ready For 'Avengers 2' Movie With 'Ultron Forever' Comic Book

ultron forever
Cover art of 'Ultron Forever' - Art: Alan Davis - Marvel Comics
News surfaced today (11-26-14) about an upcoming comic book series from Marvel starring the Big Bad from 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'.

According to the blog Hero Complex, the series is titled 'Ultron Forever' and the comic will feature Avengers from different time periods of Marvel Comics history.

'Ultron Forever' will be released to coincide with the opening of Marvel's 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'. The book drops in April 2015 and the superhero saga hits screens on May 1, 2015.

Here's how the LA Times' Noelene Clark described the series -

"The 90-page “Ultron Forever” story, which will unfold in “Avengers: Ultron Forever” No. 1, “New Avengers: Ultron Forever” No. 1 and “Uncanny Avengers: Ultron Forever” No. 1, aims to introduce casual readers to the robot baddie in addition to appealing to devoted fans’ nostalgia." - Noelene Clark

Check out the full story at the link below and let me know what you think.

Marvel Drops 2 New Promos For Agent Carter TV Series

agent carter logo
We're seeing more previews of 'Marvel's Agent Carter' as the new show approaches its January 6, 2015 debut date.

In case you're not up to speed, 'Agent Carter' stars Hayley Atwell as one of the founders of Marvel's clandestine organization S.H.I.E.L.D.. The series is set in 1946, and it also has Dominic Cooper in a recurring role as Howard Stark (Tony Stark's father). The show will air on the +ABC Television Network.

So far, the previews have looked really interesting and I can't wait to see Atwell in a weekly series - it's long overdue for the talented actress to have her own show.

Here's the synopsis for 'Marvel's Agent Carter', courtesy of -


"Marvel's Agent Carter," starring Captain America's Hayley Atwell follows the story of Peggy Carter. It's 1946, and peace has dealt Peggy Carter a serious blow as she finds herself marginalized when the men return home from fighting abroad. Working for the covert SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve), Peggy must balance doing administrative work and going on secret missions for Howard Stark all while trying to navigate life as a single woman in America, in the wake of losing the love of her life--Steve Rogers. Inspired by the feature films "Captain America: The First Avenger" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," along with the short "Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter."

Starring Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter, "Marvel's Agent Carter" is executive produced by Christopher Markus, Steve McFeely, Tara Butters, Michele Fazekas, Kevin Feige, Louis D'Esposito, Jeph Loeb. 


Check out the videos below and let me know what you think.

Wonder Woman Movie Finds Its Director

wonder woman,gal gadot
Warner Bros.
As I write this it's 1:00 am on the East Coast so this is gonna be short and sweet. Although Warner Bros. hasn't officially announced it, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Michelle MacLaren has signed on to helm the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

I really enjoyed MacLaren's work on 'Breaking Bad' and 'Game of Thrones' so I'm totally on board with this choice. How about you?

Check out more on this story at the link below and let me know what you think.

Casting News: X-Men Apocalypse Has Found Its Villain

apocalypse,marvel comics
Marvel Comics
Major casting news surfaced today via variety,com, and if you're an X-Men fan it should be of massive interest. It looks like Oscar Isaac (next seen in 'A Most Violent Year') will play the Big Bad in the next installment of +X-Men Movies - X-Men: Apocalypse.

According to Variety's Justin Kroll, Isaac will join the already star-studded cast, which includes Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, and James McAvoy.

'X-Men: Apocalypse' is directed and co-written by Bryan Singer, and the movie opens May 27, 2016.

For more on this story, check out Movieweb's report below.

Fan-Made Trailer - Thor: Ragnarok

thor ragnarok
If you've been checking out +Capes on Film for a while then you know I'm a big fan of fan-made videos. I'm constantly amazed at the talented YouTubers out there who remix and mash superhero movies.

One of my favorite YouTubers is Alex Luthor, who already has several badass trailers on his channel.

Today Alex unveiled his latest video - Thor: Ragnarok. The real movie (of course, the third in Marvel's 'Thor' series) doesn't drop until July 28, 2017, but I think Alex does a great job of imagining what the movie might look like.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.