THE PUNISHER Season 1 REVIEW by Grace Randolph


  1. Grace, I think your evaluation of Punisher is very well done and very spot on! I'm 65 years old and first read the Punisher comic books when I was around 13, so my memory may not be prefect. I think one of the hardest challenges for anyone making a Punisher movie or show is how to make the character appealing to a larger audience. Punisher was a dark character and if memory serves he was not very talkative or open in the comic books. His whole reason to be, was to "punish" bad guys, and not give them the chance to go to court and get off.

    I was also disappointed in all of the previous Punisher movies for the same reason! 50 years ago these comic books were so violent that they were printed in black and white, to avoid being banned (that is my opinion). Had these been printed in color, I think there would have been a lot of push back the public, politicians, religious groups and parents. I believe there were similar issues with the Conan comic books.

    But as far as the show is concerned, I enjoyed it and Jon B. Is absolutely perfect as Frank Castle. He is menacing even when he is talking to Micro, his friends or Micro's family. Jon may be a one trick pony, but that trick is amazing!

    I hope there is a season two, but I'm not sure there will be because of the limited appeal of the Punisher character??? Thanks for your review!

    1. Thanks for the great comment Joe! I agree about Bernthal as Castle - he's amazing!


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