Opinion: What really went wrong with Marvel's Iron Fist?


  1. I watched the whole season in one day.
    T u ings that went wrong!
    1- The script sucked. No background or showing where he came from.
    2- Cum low should have been in the season premiere showing him leaving.
    3- Thete were no scenes of him training in Cum low, the only flashback was the plane crash, over and ovet
    4- I love Rosaio Dawson, but now that she's had her career destroyed between the love sceen in Alexandet and her parts in these under funded just get subscribets to Netflix shows are tediculous.
    She should have been an Anjolina Jolie, Puerto Rico style!
    I can go on, but the actor who played Danny was sufficient.
    THE WORST WAS MS GANG, and that Demsrcus could take over her holdings in one scene had zero credability.
    Jeff Loeb, resting on your laurels, snort some more coke, we know, don't worry!


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