Rumor: 'Batman Vs. Superman' Production Is NOT Delayed

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Here's the latest from the 'Batman Vs. Superman' rumor mill - Although the opening date was pushed back ten months, Warner Bros. still plans to shoot the 'Man of Steel' sequel in 2014. Deadline reported on Friday (1-24-14) that 'BVS' is moving forward and "...the main players have been summoned to start work right away." It seems Ben Affleck has changed his directing schedule for this spring, and (according to Deadline) that change is because Affleck will be making 'BVS'.

When WB announced a few days ago that 'BVS' was now opening in 2016 instead of its original summer 2015 date, I think most people assumed it was because the movie production was behind schedule. However, it could be that WB needed the extra time in order to shoot 'BVS' and 'Justice League' back-to-back.

What do you think about this latest 'Batman Vs. Superman' rumor?
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