'Arrow' Producer Talks About Connection To DC Superhero Movies

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Are you one of the many fans hoping to see a cross-over between Warner Bros.' Superman and Batman movie franchises and the company's TV series 'Arrow'? If so, you might be disappointed to hear what the producer of 'Arrow' told Fandango recently. Greg Berlanti, the showrunner in charge of The CW's hit show (now in its second season), basically said he's not aware of any plans for an 'Arrow' tie-in with the studio's movie superheroes.

Here's what Berlanti said, when asked if WB's big screen franchises such as 'Man of Steel', or Ben Affleck's soon-to-be Batman will have some company.


“We haven’t had any of those conversations other than to say, what characters are we allowed to use this year and advocate or request certain ones that are of interest to us. And every now and then, they’ll say, ‘You can’t have that guy.’ They don’t say why, and we figure out why later on.”


So, it sounds like there's not much chance of a shared universe between the WB's small screen heroes and the long-awaited 'Justice League' film. Apparently, WB isn't taking the route that Marvel Studios is using with its 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' TV series. Marvel made a point to promote 'AoS' as existing in the same universe as its Cinematic Universe. It's still too early to say whether that strategy will pay off for Marvel, but it looks like WB will keep its movie and TV properties separate for the foreseeable future. 

Whaddya think? Would you like to see a shared movie/TV universe featuring DC Comics heroes?

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  1. Hmmm, all that tells me is that they're not done reinventing and rebooting Batman and Superman. If they could just agree on one incarnation, they'd have no problem with a TV crossover!

  2. Hey Mandy, yeah I still don't have a clue regarding WB's long-term movie and TV strategy. It all seems very disconnected.


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