Thor: The Dark World - New Behind-The-Scenes Footage Shows Previs Effects

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If you liked 'Thor: The Dark World', then I know you'll be interested in this three minute clip from Wired. The video focuses on what's known in the film world as 'previsualization' (previs, for short). Wired describes previs as-


"...low res CG (computer generated) sets and characters, allowing the director to see, plan out, and experiment with scenes before shooting them."


Director Alan Taylor also talks about how filming on location in Iceland and England helped give the movie a 'grounded' feel. The video also offers a peek at how the filmmakers used practical (real-life) effects. Overall, it's a great look at the behind-the-scenes magic that made 'Thor: The Dark World' such a massive hit.

Thanks to GeekTyrant
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