What If Gossip Mags Covered Superheroes In Real Life?

image via Kim
How would magazines like In Touch and Vanity Fair cover your favorite superheroes, you know...like they existed for reelz?

For an idea of how it would look, check out the work of a New Zealand-based artist, who goes simply by the name Kim. She created a series of realistic covers that show the personal lives of Marvel heroes splashed across gossip and news mags.

Big thanks to Kim for making these! They're really great, right?

Newsweek featuring Iron Patriot/James Rhodes by *nottonyharrison on deviantART

Combat Aircraft Monthly featuring War Machine by *nottonyharrison on deviantART

Vanity Fair December 2011, featuring Pepper Potts by *nottonyharrison on deviantART

In Touch, and Life and Style, February 27 2012 by *nottonyharrison on deviantART

Scientific American, March 2013 by *nottonyharrison on deviantART
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