R.I.P. Multi-Talented Graphic Artist Sean Hartter

sean hartter

I was shocked and saddened to hear about the death of artist Sean Hartter today.

Sean was only 39 when he passed away.

I stumbled across Sean's art about two years ago and I instantly knew he was headed for great success. One word described Sean's creations - cool. His work also showed a deep knowledge of movies, television, comic books, and pop culture in general.

Alternate Universe poster by Sean Hartter
I featured Sean's "Alternate Universe" movie posters in two posts in 2011 - here and here. I always looked forward to his next project and I was a daily visitor to his blog. Chances are, if you read pop culture blogs like Geek Tyrant and Hero Complex you've seen Sean's work.

I never met Sean, but I could tell he was an extremely nice person through the few interactions we had via his blog.

Please click the image below to read about the memorial fund created to help Sean's family cope with this tragedy.

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