Everything Wrong With 2012 Superhero Movies

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Okay, this is tough to admit - as much as I love superhero movies, they often have scenes that leave me scratching my head and wondering what the hell the filmmakers were thinking. You know, I'm talking about those scenes that don't seem so ludicrous on the first viewing, but later I wonder how they ever made it into the screenplay. I guess the only way to describe those scenes that almost every movie has is "WTF-type moments".

The guys at Cinema Sins are masters at pulling out those WTF scenes (they call them "sins") and then making snarky videos that rate movies based on how many "sins" they contain. They make videos on all types of movies, but the three below are for 2012's biggest superhero flicks - The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Avengers. Besides being funny, these videos actually point out some writing mistakes that any aspiring filmmaker would be wise to note.

Did they neglect to mention any scenes that you found especially confusing?
Videos contain spoilers. 

Everything Wrong with The Amazing Spider-Man in Two Minutes 

Everything Wrong with The Dark Knight Rises in Three Minutes

Everything Wrong with The Avengers in Three Minutes

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