Interview with Actor Shaun Mazzocca

Hey everybody, today's post is something different for Capes on Film. I'm really psyched about it and I think it'll be a cool new feature for the blog. I'll be conducting a live video interview with an actor that I'm sure we'll be hearing more about in the very near future.

I'll be interviewing actor Shaun Mazzocca and we'll be using Google Plus Hangouts on Air. This means if you stop by today January 31, from 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (USA), you'll be able to see the interview live. I wanted to interview Shaun because he's a major superhero movie fan, and I always enjoy hearing an actor's point of view on the current movies.

The interview is live Thursday, January 31, 2013, 3:00 - 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (USA) 

If you get here after the interview, no worries. The interview will be recorded, so if you're reading this post after 3:30, you'll still be able to check it out.
Shaun Mazzocca

Here's some info on Shaun 

  • He's based in Windsor Toronto, Ontario
  • He stars in the 2012 film Softballs. Watch the trailer. (Warning: Adult Language)
  • In February 2013, he'll be appearing in the stage comedy Tony 'n Tina's Wedding at the St. Claire College Center for the Performing Arts
  • He's a former semi-pro Canadian football player
  • He's a Superman fanatic!!! 


  1. that is cool... i am not sure if i will be around, will it be something we can catch up on?

    1. Yep the interview will be recorded and embedded on this post. Thanks for the comment Jeremy.


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