Wanna See the Director's Pitch to Fox Studios for that Daredevil Movie Reboot?

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It looks like we won't be seeing that long-rumored Daredevil reboot anytime soon. According to reports from Collider and others, Twentieth Century Fox and Joe Carnahan, director of The Grey, seemed to have something cooking, but Fox backed out. That means Fox will have to return the movie rights to The Man Without Fear to Marvel Studios, unless they can start production before October 10, 2012. Since that's nearly impossible, it appears Matt Murdock/Daredevil will come home to Marvel. Of course, that's goods news in a way, but it'll be years before Marvel can get a reboot in production. 

Thanks to a heads up from Collider, I spotted this "sizzle reel" that Carnahan posted on August 14, and it gives us a great idea of how the DD film might have appeared. A "sizzle reel", as Collider explains, is a collection of clips from movies, still photos, and even comic book panels, all stitched together to give an overall feel of a movie, without having to shoot any new footage. This is what Carnahan showed the execs at Fox in order to get a green light on the film, and for some crazy reason Fox gave it a thumbs down.

It's a shame we won't be seeing Carnahan's vision come to life, because the clip shows a down 'n dirty version of DD that was sorely lacking in the 2003 movie. I loved how Carnahan was planning to set this movie in 1973, the period when New York City was at it's lowest point in terms of organized crime, drugs, and urban decay. Hopefully, when Marvel eventually regains the rights to DD, they'll have the good sense to let Carnahan turn this 90 second clip into the real deal.

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