Batmobiles Go on Parade in Prep for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Batman (1943) - DC Comics
One of the things that sets Batman apart from his superhero compatriots has always been his inexhaustible supply of badass wheels. Whether it's in the comics or the movies, the Batmobile has played a major part in defining the Dark Knight as the epitome of caped cool. How Bruce Wayne gets those ultra-high-tech rides designed, built, and maintained without arousing suspicion requires just a little suspension of disbelief, but we'll let that go for now.

All Star Batman and Robin (2005) - DC Comics
While comic book artists have designed some great Batmobiles, it's in the movies where the cars have really taken center stage and grabbed the public's attention. In a way, our fascination with the Batmobile makes sense - a car, even one as tricked out as Batman's is something we can all relate to since we ride in one every day. I think I've deduced part of the psychology behind our Batmobile infatuation. Maybe we all harbor the fantasy that if we had a super-car like Bat's, we too could kick some serious criminal ass. Either that, or we'd just like to blast the hell out that guy who cut us off in traffic. Whatever, both fantasies work for me.

Now, while we're on the subject of Batmobiles, check out the brief video below for a recent "parade" of the cars that the Dark Knight has used in every Batman movie (not counting the 1940s serials) - starting with the hot-rod styled 1966 version, all the way to Christopher Nolan's radical re-design for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Warner Bros. staged this gathering of Batmobiles last month (March 2012), in Burbank, California as a promotion for the upcoming release of The Dark Knight Rises (opening on July 20). After watching this, I couldn't help wonder what the designers have in store for future movies, when the Batman franchise is eventually re-booted. Any ideas?

Thanks to EW for the heads up.