Hulk and Superman Visual Effects

Hulk - Universal Pictures/Marvel Enterprises
One of the things that fascinates me about the superhero movies of the last ten years or so is the incredible technology of the visual effects that goes into making them. Equally amazing is the huge amount of work that goes into developing ideas that are never actually used in the films. For example, the clip below is from visual effects legend Steve Johnson and it shows the testing of a huge animatronic model that was going to be used in Ang Lee's Hulk (2003). As it turns out, Lee decided to go with a completely CGI Hulk instead and the model seen below was never used. I guess today this baby is sitting in some warehouse gathering dust, but it sure looks cool in the video.

Thanks to SlashFilm for the heads up.

Another example of visual effects that were never used is the strange, illuminated suit that was created for the ill-fated Superman Lives, which was going to be director Tim Burton's follow up to his successful Batman films. Superman Lives was eventually abandoned by Warner Brothers Studios but not before Steve Johnson and his crew built this oddity.

What do you think of the Hulk robot and the weird Superman suit? Think either one could have worked if they were used the films?