Captain America Hits The Big Screen (in 1944)

Captain America poster - Republic Studios (1944)

Captain America (1944), a Republic serial,  was loosely based on the character created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. According to the film's Wikipedia entry, many changes were made to the original story. This has lead some film historians to believe the screenplay was actually a rewritten version that was meant for another character called The Copperhead.
Note - The title in the trailer is The Return of Captain America because Republic Studios often changed titles when serials were re-released. This clip is from the film's re-release version.

Some of the major changes from the Captain America comic book (source: Wikipedia):
  • His secret identity is District Attorney Grant Gardner rather than U.S. Army Private Steve Rogers
  • The "Super-Soldier Serum" origin is not used.
  • His famous shield does not appear, replaced by a standard gun.
  • Despite the fact that this serial was made in 1944, and Captain America regularly fought Nazis in the comics, the Nazis are not part of the story in any way.
  • His sidekick, Bucky, does not appear.
If you'd like to check out the entire serial, all of the chapters are available on YouTube.