Batman: Tribute to The Nolan Vision

YouTube is filled with montages, homages and mash-ups of everything Batman-related, from the earliest 1940's serials to the current Christopher Nolan incarnation. I try to be selective in the videos I feature here, and I think this one deserves some praise. It's a high energy reminder of how incredibly original Nolan's Batman films were. The editor, Eric Valencia, uses music from the now defunct punk band, Refused, and it gives the images an even harder edge, if that's possible. I also liked the transitions, especially the way he included the Joker playing card for the Heath Ledger segments. If you'd like to add any info about the editor of this clip, or comments on anything regarding Batman on film, I'd like to hear it.


  1. Thank you another great blog post, Matt! This video was a great reminder of how much I adored CN's "Batman Begins"; which became over-shadowed by Heath Ledger's riveting performance and the story in "The Dark Knight". I will go back and rewatch "Batman Begins" this week.

    I haven't kept up w/ the buzz but any idea if there is a new script in the works or if they've begun pre-production? I know it may seem like a daunting task for CN to follow-up after "The Dark Knight" but I know that he will do the character development and story justice.

    Thanks again,

  2. Hey Kelli thanks for the great comment. Batman 3 is still in the early stages of production and Warner Brothers is shooting for a summer 2012 release. Still no word on who the main villain will be or who will co-star.

  3. Very cool. It captures the essence of the films ver well and gets me thinking I may have to rewatch them soon. Nolan really redefined Batman for the screen in an amazing way! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Thanks Brent, glad you liked it. It's interesting how we get a different perspective on a film when it's re-edited and put to different music. Valencia did a great job.


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