Joe Johnston: From "Wolfman" to "Cap"

The Wolfman - Universal Pictures
Captain America - Marvel Entertainment
I just returned from seeing The Wolfman, and I have a few thoughts. No, this isn't a review of the flick. I have a few thoughts on its director, Joe Johnston, who's now helming The First Avenger: Captain America (July 22, 2011). I was interested to see how Johnston handled this movie because many have questioned if Marvel made a mistake in giving him the reigns to Captain America. Johnston has been criticised for his take on Wolfie, with many of the reviewers saying the movie is a CGI disaster. After seeing The Wolfman, I don't understand the concerns that some have about Johnston's ability to make a great Captain America flick. While Johnston's Wolfman is a bit silly at times, I think that has more to do with the subject matter than it does with his directing style.
Let's face it, anyone would have a tough time filming a story like Wolfie. It's pretty ridiculous if you think about it long enough (kinda like most cape movies). The movie may not have been as nuanced as some would have liked, but I think he did a fairly good job.

Let's face it, people go to a movie like this to get a few scares and see the monster rip into a few hapless villagers. They don't expect or want a dense, psychological character study. Besides taking on an on an iconic character in The Wolfman, Johnston stepped into a troubled production. He took over the directing reigns from Mark Romanek (One Hour Photo, 2002) who left the movie after creative differences with Universal. The movie's release date was also pushed back several times.

Despite these challenges, I think Johnston delivered a good, entertaining film. It certainly isn't the disaster that some have suggested. So, my verdict is that Cap is in good hands with Johnston, and I think The First Avenger will be a fun flick that combines the requisite action set pieces with a dash of humor and fairly well-drawn characters. In other words, a typical Joe Johnston movie.


  1. This is the first comment or review on Wolfman that has made me want to go see the film. You are so right - people shouldn't be taking it seriously.

    I remember Captain America so well. In 1982 when Marvel cards were all the rage, Captain America is the one that was impossible to find.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mandy. Hope you like "Wolfie"! Look forward to reading your post about it.

  3. :( Oh, unfortunately, we're not seeing many movies lately. We have unlimited movie cards to a certain cinema and unfortunately, hate their threatres. They are crummy and dirty and until our cards run out, we're unlikely to see many movies.

    Soon though...


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