Batman: The Movie


Adam West – Bruce Wayne / Batman
Burt Ward – Dick Grayson / Robin

In 1966, the campy, cartoonish, Batman debuted on the ABC television network and garnered 30 million viewers a week and top 20 ratings. That same year, Twentieth Century Fox rushed Batman: The Movie into theatres and it too was immensely successful. While the general public loved this version of Batman, long-time fans hated that their once dark, brooding hero was portrayed as a clown. National Periodicals, the parent company of DC Comics, had no complaints, however. It earned over 600 million dollars over the next few years licensing Batman’s image on every conceivable product. Despite its cheap production and corny dialogue, Batman: The Movie still has an influence over pop culture to this day.

Batman:The Movie drove hardcore Batman fans nuts for decades. I understand how a lot of fans wanted to see a realistic, mature Batman, not the clownish one that Adam West portrayed, but I always thought it was hated on way too much. Yeah, it was corny and made the Dark Knight look like a joke, but I just think of it as another incarnation of the character- no better or worse than other incarnations.


  1. As a kid, I loved this movie. Where else could you get four dastardly villains on one flipper-powered sub? And it answered the age-old question: when you have a bomb, where can you get rid of it?

    In recent years, I favor the darker, grimmer Batman. But I've also realized that Batman works in different milieus. The new Brave and the Bold cartoon is tons of fun. And I wish someone would air these old Batman TV shows again. I'd like to see them.

  2. Yeah, this one's one of the all time great guilty pleasures. How Adam West delivered those lines wthout cracking up, I'll never know.


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