First of all, I want to thank you for being one of my valued readers. I hope you consider this a trustworthy place for movie information, and so I want to be clear about the use of advertising on this blog. I'm doing this because I believe in being upfront and honest at all times and I want to comply with the FTC Ruling for Bloggers. Yes, I'm an Amazon Associate and I do provide affiliate links to Amazon products. That means I receive a percentage of each sale that occurs when someone purchases an item through my links.

I think this is a cool advertising partnership because I get to do what I love - write and interact with friends on this blog and get an occasional, small monetary reward in my bank account. I want you to know that the products or services that I advertise here are carefully selected and I believe they are relevant to this blog's readership. I advertise Amazon products and services because I'm also an Amazon customer. In my posts, I sometimes provide a link to a product that is relevant to the post topic. I reserve the right to not necessarily mention that a link is to my advertising partner.

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Here's what you can assume whenever you're visiting this blog - 
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(Last updated November 22, 2012)