Who Is Black Panther "Security Chief" In Captain America: Civil War?

black panther
If you've seen Marvel's Captain America: Civil War then you know Black Panther plays a key role in the conflict and we get several teases about his solo movie (dropping in 2018).

However there's one part of the Black Panther storyline in the movie that's a bit of a mystery - Who is the fierce-looking woman who says the line "Move, or you will be moved." to Black Widow?

A fan theory has surfaced that seems pretty plausible. The theory is the woman (who's only listed in the credits as "Security Chief") is a member of the royal guard sworn to protect the King of Wakanda - known in the comic lore as the Dora Milaje. In Civil War Ugandan-born German actress Florence Kasumba plays the role.

Business Insider Entertainment has the full story below. Here's who Black Panther's mysterious security chief probably is in 'Captain America: Civil War'