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Last week I shared some comments from Mike Colter about his role in the upcoming Netflix series Marvel's Luke Cage. In the interview (via Mike talked about how he and the showrunners wanted to update Luke Cage for a modern audience, while staying true to the Marvel comics lore.

The response to that Mike Colter article was so great I wanted to highlight a few more quotes from the actor. In case you didn't know, Marvel has plans to assemble a super-team consisting of its Netflix heroes - Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and (soon to have his own series) Danny Rand / Iron Fist. Of course, Marvel is keeping details about the massive Netflix team-up (which will be titled The Defenders) under wraps, but Mike went ahead and offered his thoughts on the series anyway.

Note: Marvel hasn't released a premiere date for The Defenders, but a good guess would be spring 2018. Luke Cage will debut in 2016.

Check out what Mike Colter had to say about joining forces with Daredevil and the other heroes in Marvel's The Defenders below, and let me know what you think.
“It’ll be interesting to see how we meet,” he says, “but [also] the interaction between all of us. We’re all individuals who were doing everything on our own: fighting crime and coming into our own, and in some regard, I’m just curious to see how we will all function and who’s going to take charge, who’s going to be driving this force of the Defenders. Ultimately, I think it’ll be a great character study on all of us trying to interact with each other without losing who we are as individuals, because we’re all very strong characters.”
Colter went on -
“I think what I’m excited about is the chance for fans to see this character that they’ve been waiting for,” he offers. “I’ve met so many fans along the way, over the past few months, over the past year, and their excitement has kind of been intoxicating. It spreads, and it’s one of those things that before I started the project, I felt like I really wanted to do this character justice and I would enjoying playing this character and trying to figure out who he was, but now, I feel [a weight] in a sense that the fans have so many thoughts and expectations." 
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