Marvel's Luke Cage: Star Mike Colter Talks About Updating Hero For Modern Generation

luke cage
Attention Marvel fans - Mike Colter offers some of his thoughts on the upcoming Netflix series Marvel's Luke Cage. Marvel posted this interview on Feb. 1, 2016.

Check out what Mike Colter had to say about giving Luke Cage a "modern voice".
“I think what I am specifically and uniquely able to bring to this character is the fact that I do look through the world with a global lens and I don’t really think about everything as black and white. When I approach this work, I look at it from the responsibility of an actor who’s trying to bring the nuanced character to form and what I think that makes it unique is the character is black but at the same time, that doesn’t define who he is. When he is thrust into the main stage, he’s not really ready for that.  
“Everybody knows Luke’s a reluctant hero at best, because he’s got a lot of secrets and stuff, but I think he’s a renaissance man. He becomes better at everything as time goes on and better at being a man and better at being a super hero and taking on that responsibility.”
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Luke Cage: Mike Colter Discusses the Show's 'Distinct' Modern Voice