Top 7 Moments From Superhero TV Shows In 2015

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If you're a fan of superhero TV shows, then I'm sure you'll agree 2015 was filled with memorable moments. My favorite scene of the year occurred in CBS's Supergirl, when Hank Henshaw revealed his true identity as the alien J'onn J'onzz. What was your favorite superhero TV moment?

Linda Ge at The Wrap has compiled her top seven moments below, and I really can't argue with her selection. Check out Linda's choices and let me know what you think.
Superhero TV Shows in 2015: 7 Biggest Moments


  1. Interestingly, some of my favorite moments didn't necessarily involve super-heroics. I don't watch Shield or Arrow (except when there's a Flash crossover). I haven't started Jessica Jones and I haven't finished Daredevil. So my favs all come from Flash and Supergirl.

    Probably my #1 moment of the year was when Barry finally went back to the day his mom died...and he didn't stop it because his future self told him not to. The emotional moments there had tears running down my face. LOVED IT!

    Earth-2 in Season 2 is great.

    Legends of Tomorrow 'pilot' awesome.

    Supergirl saving the plane.

    Cat Grant's speech on why SuperGIRL is perfectly good name.

    Reveal of Martian Manhunter

    1. Hey Scott, thanks! Yeah that entire Earth-2 storyline on The Flash is brilliant. It's amazing how the writers have created that vast Flash universe in just 1 and 1/2 seasons.


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