MARVEL'S DOCTOR STRANGE: Chiwetel Ejiofor Drops Intel About Baron Mordo

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Some new info has surfaced about one of the main characters in Marvel's Doctor Strange, which opens November 4, 2016. Chiwetel Ejiofor - who plays Baron Karl Mordo - revealed his thoughts about how the powerful sorcerer Mordo and Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) will interact in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Here's what Ejiofor told Entertainment Weekly in a recent interview -
“In terms of his life with the Ancient One, it’s this long and intense relationship they have that’s just very deep and very connected,” says Ejiofor. “I think they both recognize in Strange this certain quality that they feel is going to be very useful in a situation they’re in — just by the nature of who he is, and the way that he operates, and the way his mind works, and the certain skill set and personality that he has. So, when they all meet, they realize that he’s somebody that can be plugged into this very surreal, interesting, sort of fascinating circumstance that they’re all in, and the dangers that they face. And so it becomes a process of assimilating him into their ways of life.”
When asked if Mordo would be a villain, Ejiofor added -
“Oh, he’s a very complex character that, really, I don’t think can be nailed down either way, you know,” the actor demurs. “I guess it’s something to experience, is what I’d say.”
Blastr has the full story below.
Chiwetel Ejiofor reveals if Baron Mordo will be hero or villain on Doctor Strange