FANTASTIC FOUR: The Brutally Honest Trailer For The Box Office Flop

fantastic four

The guys at Screen Junkies set their sights on one of 2015's worst movies, and the results are hilarious. I mean, they absolutely nail all the worst parts of the Fantastic Four movie. Have a look and see if you agree.


  1. OK, this is hilarious but also kind of sad. The Fantastic Four are characters very dear to me and I hate to see them treated so poorly by a studio that just didn't understand them. I felt like I should have gone to see this movie because, hey, it's the FF - but it just looked so awful that in the end I didn't bother. I'm glad I didn't...

    1. Excuse the late reply Simon. I liked the overall concept of updating the origin, but it just didn't work. After you see the movie, I'd be interested to hear if you thought any part of it was at least ok.


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