Fan-Made Trailer: Marvel's The Inhumans

Marvel Comics
One of the most beloved set of characters in Marvel Comics lore is the Inhumans, which were introduced way back in 1965. Until very recently, we've never gotten close to seeing a live-action 'Inhumans' movie, but that's about to change.

Earlier this year (2014), +Marvel Entertainment announced it would release 'Inhumans' on November 2, 2018. That gives us about four years to speculate on how Marvel will portray Blackbolt, Medusa, Crystal, and all the rest of the superpowered royal family.

However, even though we still have years to see the real thing, YouTuber Alex Luthor has created a trailer that (I think) gives a pretty good idea of what the 'Inhumans' movie might look like.

Check out the video below and let me know what you think.