Will Warner Bros Announce Superhero Movie Slate Soon?

justice league
DC Comics
Is +Warner Bros. Pictures and its rebooted Superman / 'Man of Steel' universe about to greatly expand with other superhero franchises? If a report from NikkiFinke.com is accurate, then the answer is yes.

According to Hollywood insider Finke, WB will unveil its plans for an expanded movie universe at this summer's ComicCon International in San Diego - taking place July 24-27.

Take a look at the slate of movies that reportedly are in the works at WB:
  • Of course, we already know BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is currently filming in Michigan.
Here's what else might be in the pipeline...

  • SHAZAM - July 2016
  • SANDMAN - December 2016
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE - May 2017
  • WONDER WOMAN - July 2017
  • FLASH / GREEN LANTERN (team--up) - December 2017
  • MAN OF STEEL 2 - May 2018
Nikki goes on to say her sources revealed the rumored 'Metal Men' and 'Suicide Squad' movies have been shelved.

There's a lot to digest here and we'll have plenty of time to ponder the possibilities of what this slate means for the future of WB's DC Comics franchises.

What do you think about this WB / DC rumor?