Paul Bettany Will Play The Vision In 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

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'Avengers: Age of Ultron' just got even more interesting with the casting news that broke on Thursday afternoon (2-6-14). Variety reported that British actor - Paul Bettany - will portray the super-powered android known as Vision (or The Vision, if you're old-school). You might remember, Bettany voiced Tony Stark's A.I. assistant JARVIS in the Iron Man movies. With the sequel to 2012's 'The Avengers' set to begin shooting in April, director Joss Whedon is assembling the last of his troops.

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Paul Bettany promoting the 2010 film Legion at San Diego Comic-Con. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
At this point, no details are available about Bettany's role - but in Marvel Comics lore Vision was created by the villainous Ultron to destroy The Avengers, but he eventually became one of the team's greatest members. Whether Whedon and company follow that same story arc is anybody's guess right now.

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