Interview with Actor Shaun Mazzocca

Hey everybody, today's post is something different for Capes on Film. I'm really psyched about it and I think it'll be a cool new feature for the blog. I'll be conducting a live video interview with an actor that I'm sure we'll be hearing more about in the very near future.

I'll be interviewing actor Shaun Mazzocca and we'll be using Google Plus Hangouts on Air. This means if you stop by today January 31, from 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (USA), you'll be able to see the interview live. I wanted to interview Shaun because he's a major superhero movie fan, and I always enjoy hearing an actor's point of view on the current movies.

The interview is live Thursday, January 31, 2013, 3:00 - 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (USA) 

If you get here after the interview, no worries. The interview will be recorded, so if you're reading this post after 3:30, you'll still be able to check it out.
Shaun Mazzocca

Here's some info on Shaun 

  • He's based in Windsor Toronto, Ontario
  • He stars in the 2012 film Softballs. Watch the trailer. (Warning: Adult Language)
  • In February 2013, he'll be appearing in the stage comedy Tony 'n Tina's Wedding at the St. Claire College Center for the Performing Arts
  • He's a former semi-pro Canadian football player
  • He's a Superman fanatic!!! 

Behold the Ultimate Superpowers Infographic

image source:
Now this is why infographics were invented! This awesome chart shows over 200 superheroes and supervillains and their superpowers - over 100 powers in all. The guys at Pop Chart Lab are the brilliant minds responsible for this beauty, which they call  The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers #1.

Click image to see full-sized version.

I can't imagine how long it took to compile and organize all of these superpowers and then assign the correct hero or villain to each one. I spent the good part of an evening looking this graphic over and I'm only halfway through. I love how they subdivided the major powers such as "Object Manipulation" into specific abilities such as "Make Plants Grow Faster" or "Change Color of Objects". No doubt, this truly is the "Ultimate Superpowers Infographic".

By the way, you can purchase a poster-sized version of this graphic, signed and numbered by the artist (in a run of 1,000 copies).

If you want even more superhero facts to adorn your walls, check out The Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers #2!

Here's how Pop Chart Lab describes Omnibus #2 -
"Issue #2 of the universe's most extensive charting of superpowers. This deluxe Silver Age edition now features over 300 heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and beasts. Face front, True Believer!"
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Marvel Announces Its Next Superhero Movie

doctor strange,comic book, 169

Big News from Marvel Studios

It's official! After months of speculation about which character will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have the answer. Marvel will conjure up magic and mysticism in the form of one of the company's original superheroes - Dr. Stephen Strange. Yep, that's right - Marvel Studios' president, Kevin Feige, recently told MTV News that

Doctor Strange - Master of the Mystic Arts 

will be a part of Marvel's Phase 3. That means we're at least three years away from seeing Doctor Strange on screen, but it'll be fun talking about this movie in the meantime. This news isn't a complete surprise because way back in August of 2011 I posted info about a Doctor Strange screenplay. However, Marvel never confirmed that it was definitely making the movie til now.

I would say, after Thor, Doctor Strange is the most challenging character Marvel has brought to the screen. I mean, he's not that well known outside the comic book world, and his powers and origin are going to be tough to portray on screen. But hey, who am I kidding? At this point, would anyone doubt Marvel's ability to pull this movie off?

Marvel Studios Phase 2 Movies

Before Strange takes his place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we'll see these movies, which make up Phase 2 -

  • Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World in 2013
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014
  • The Avengers 2 and Ant Man in 2015. 
Of course it's too early for a Doctor Strange opening date, but I'm guessing it'll be the summer of 2016. Wow, that seems a long way off doesn't it?

Marvel President Talks about Doctor Strange 

Here's how Feige described the good doctor to MTV -
"He's a great, original character, and he checks the box off this criteria that I have: he's totally different from anything else we have, just like 'Guardians of the Galaxy.' He's totally different from anything we've done before, as is 'Ant-Man,' which keeps us excited." - via MTV

Doctor Strange - Quick Facts 

Need a refresher on your Doctor Strange history? Here's some info to get you up to speed -
  • He was co-created by writer/editor Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko in 1963. 
  • He was a brilliant neurosurgeon who sustained injuries to his hands in a car crash. 
  • He gained mystical powers while travelling in Tibet. 
  • His superpowers include flight, teleportation, telepathy, and energy blasts. 
  • His main nemesis is Dormammu, a warlord from another dimension. 
  • He was a favorite character of college students in the 1960s because of the comic's references to Eastern mysticism. 
  • There was a 1978 live-action TV movie - Dr. Strange - based on the character. 
  • Plans for a feature-length Doctor Strange movie have bounced around Hollywood since the mid 1980s. 
If you really want the deets on Doctor Strange's comic book origin, check out the excellent video below.

Cast This Movie!

Okay, last thing -

Who should play Doctor Strange?!?

Who should be the main villain and who should play him or her?

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MTV Splashpage:

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Superhero Movie News Mid-Winter Round-up

Man of Steel, Thor: The Dark World, The Wolverine, Iron Man 3

2013 is already shaping up to be another amazing year for superhero movies, and I thought it was a good time for a round-up of news stories that popped up in the last few days. Check the links below for info on movies in various stages of production, including Iron Man 3Thor: The Dark World, and Justice League. Which upcoming movie are you most looking forward to?

'Dark Knight' Star Joseph Gordon-Levitt Denies 'Man Of Steel' Cameo Rumor

It's been rumored that Joseph Gordon-Levitt (John Blake in The Dark Knight Rises) will don the cape and cowl and appear as Batman in Justice League and Man of Steel. Here's what JGL told MTV recently -
"I hadn’t heard that one. It just goes to show how much you can believe rumours… I don’t think you should believe in any of them. If there’s something I’m going to be in, I’m going to tell you about it.”   
Is JGL being truthful or is he saving a big spoiler for us?

'Iron Man 3' Brings Tony Stark Back To Basics

Marvel Studios' Big Kahuna, Kevin Feige, spilled a bunch of Iron Man 3 teasers this week. From the sounds of it, Tony Stark is goind to be tested like he hasn't been in his three previous movies.
"It's almost like post-traumatic stress. He (Stark) has retreated after the events of The Avengers into his workshop, where he's building advanced versions of his suits. He has [designed] a version of the suit that can latch onto him in individual pieces ... anytime, anywhere." 
'Iron Man 3' Gets IMAX Release

When Iron Man 3 opens on April 25 internationally and May 3 in the USA, fans in some lucky venues will be able to watch it full IMAX glory.

Toby Jones Confirmed for 'Captain America' Return

The latest actor to confirm his involvement in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is Toby Jones, who will reprise his role as Nazi scientist, Arnim Zola. Also on board for Cap's return - Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, and Anthony Mackie as superhero, Falcon.

Is The Beyonder going to join the Marvel Movie Universe in 'Thor: The Dark World'?

Okay, this isn't exactly "news", but it's an interesting idea that Drew McWeeney put forward about a possible villain for Thor: The Dark World.

Hugh Jackman promises 'action-packed' 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'

One of the more exciting bits of news recently was he announcement that Hugh Jackman will return as Logan/Wolverine in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Jackman told The Daily Mail what he though of the movie's large cast of mutant heroes -
 "You wouldn't have enough room on the page after you've listed them all. Every other actor who's ever put on a superhero uniform will be in it. There's an element of time travel and, naturally, it will be action-packed."
The Wolverine Director Talks about Logan

Director James Mangold talked to Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming solo Wolverine movie, opening on July 26.

Shailene Woodley Talks about Playing Mary Jane in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

The sequel to 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man is rounding out its cast, and Shailene Woodley has nabbed the key role of Mary Jane Watson. Shailene couldn't give many details in this quick interview, but it's all we have until filming starts in the spring.

Alright, I know I neglected to mention a lot of interesting stories. Did any news from the superhero movie world catch your eye in the last few weeks?

Man of Steel in Lego - Superman Trailer Gets a Plastic Remake

man of steel trailer,man of steel lego,superman lego,capes on film

Does anybody not like Lego versions of their favorite superhero movies? Answer - Of course not! Every blockbuster of 2012 was given the Lego treatment, and the latest...umm, honor, goes to the Superman reboot Man of Steel. Check out the scene-for-scene Lego-ized remake that Italian animator, Antonio Toscano, created, which he appropriately calls Man of Bricks. Even though I've seen lots of these fan-made Lego trailers, I'm not tired of them in the least. In fact, Man of Bricks might be the best one I've seen yet.

I'm sure Antonio put a ton of hours into the making of this trailer - show him some love by giving a "thumbs up" on his YouTube page. As always, I'm looking for fan-made art, videos, or anything else superhero-related, so let me know if you have any work that you want to share.

Compare Antonio's version of the Man of Steel trailer with the real thing.

Man of Steel opens on June 14, 2013.
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Capes on Film Now Featured on Alltop

Featured in Alltop

We interrupt this blog to bring you the following shameless self-promotion message:

I'm proud to announce that the "online magazine rack" - Alltop - has chosen Capes on Film to be included in its Movies category. That means from now on my RSS feed will be available to thousands of Alltop visitors, everyday. This is kind of a big deal because Alltop only chooses blogs that it feels publishes valuable content for its readers. To put it mildly, this news is way cool!!!

What IS Alltop?

If you're looking for an easy way to stay on top of movie news (or any other subject) then Alltop is the way to go. In case you're not familiar, Guy Kawasaki, the Silicon Valley legend, co-founded Alltop in 2008. The site is what's known as a "news aggregator", which means it collects feeds from blogs and websites all over the world. It then allows you to organize the feeds of your favorite blogs on your personalized Alltop page.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the amount of information published on any given subject. With Alltop, I can create a custom page of blog feeds and quickly scan the top stories, instead of flipping through articles on an RSS reader. Bottom line - it's saves me time and aggravation.

Okay, end of commercial. I just wanted to share this milestone with you guys. Thanks for reading :)

Screenwriter Breaks Down The Avengers Script - Scene by Scene

Before you read this post, be aware that this will probably be of interest to only the geekiest among you. I'm sure only the most hardcore fans are willing to read dozens of pages of movie analysis, but I figured I would post this anyway.

image source: Satria W.

I'm always on the lookout for people who have an intelligent take on superhero movies, and I saw a post on MetaFilter that mentioned Todd Alcott. Alcott is a professional screenwriter who uses his blog to publish detailed breakdowns of popular movies, and one of his recent subjects was The Avengers. He has written a 17 part analysis, in which he points out the strengths and weaknesses of the screenplay and gives his opinion on why The Avengers was so successful. What makes this analysis unique is that it's written from a screenwriter's point of view, so you get insights that you wouldn't get from an ordinary critique.

I'll be straight up with you, I just recently discovered Alcott's blog, and I'm still in the process of reading all 17 of his posts. Maybe once I'm finished I'll post a few thoughts about the entire analysis, but for right now I can tell you that it's given me a new way to look at The Avengers. Alcott also did a similar breakdown of X-Men: First Class, but I haven't started reading that yet.

One note on Alcott's analysis - he could do a little better job of making his work more accessible. What I mean is, you have to go to his archive and click on each individual post. To me, these breakdowns would make a perfect ebook and they would be so much easier to read if I could just download the entire thing with one click. That complaint aside, Alcott's work is still worth checking out.

Read Todd Alcott's analysis - "The Avengers part 1"

Read the other 16 installments

If you have the time to read Alcott's breakdown of The Avengers screenplay, let me know what you think about it in the comments.

The Avengers - Watch Videos about the Oscar-Nominated Visual Effects

Avengers,Marvel movies,capes on film

The 2013 Academy Award nominations were announced on Thursday, and The Avengers got a nod for Best Visual Effects. The effects were created by Industrial Light and Magic, and the company has just released two videos that show the behind-the-scenes work that lead to the awesome visuals in the movie. The first video is basically a highlight reel of the CGI effects that earned an Oscar nomination- and yes, there's lots of Hulk in there. An ILM spokesmen had this to say about the reel -
"This reel represents a small fraction of the work created by over 200 ILM artists, scientists, and engineers backed up by a world class production team." 

ILM also released a video that explains how they made that key scene in which the heroes fight off the alien invaders in New York City. I know I'm a total geek for saying this, but this is really fascinating stuff. I can't believe the amount of meticulous work that went into creating a virtual Big Apple for Iron Man to fly around in. What was your favorite visual effects scene in The Avengers?

Thank to Reelz for the heads up.
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Jamie Alexander Talks about Wonder Woman and Female Superheroes

Jamie Alexander has some interesting things to say about the state of gender equality in superhero movies in an interview with MTV News. Jamie played the Asgardian warrior Sif in 2011's Thor and reprises the role in the sequel Thor: The Dark World opening on November 8 of this year. One of the biggest complaints I hear about the recent blockbusters like The Avengers is that the female characters tend be portrayed in a way that the male characters aren't. The costumes seem to be a little tighter, more revealing, and basically over-sexualized, and the characters just aren't given the same level of respect.

image (Jamie Alexander at the 2008 Comic Con) source: wikipedia

Now, granted, I think the way female characters are presented in these movies has gotten a little better recently, but Hollywood still has a lot of work to do. Jamie brings up a perfect example of the sexed-up female superhero - the recent, ill-conceived concept by ABC TV for a Wonder Woman series. When asked if she would like to play the iconic Amazon, Jamie told  MTV -
"I used to be [interested], but then I've seen how many failed attempts there have been in making it [Wonder Woman]. It's embarrassing for me as a woman, seeing what they did with that TV show. Let's talk about this for a second. You have very few female superheroes dominating films these days, unless they're in a skin tight outfit and their boobs are pushed up to their chin. It's not okay." - Jamie Alexander via MTV News 
Jamie went on to say that she really wants to see Wonder Woman given the "Bourne treatment", referring to the ultra-successful spy franchise. To that, I say right on! I've thought for years that the Bourne series would be a great template for a superhero movie - lots of action, but done in a smart, sophisticated way. I could  definitely envision that style working for a big-budget Wonder Woman film. After you check out the interview, let me know how you would like to see female superheroes portrayed.

via Jaimie Alexander: ‘Wonder Woman’ Needs The ‘Bourne’ Treatment:

'The Wolverine' Director Talks about Logan

wolverine,x-men,marvel,movies,capes on film

Hey everybody, just a heads up about a great interview with the director of The Wolverine, James Mangold. Anthony Breznican of Entertainment Weekly posted a three page article that goes into detail on what we can expect when The Wolverine opens on July 26.

The article makes for interesting reading not only about The Wolverine movie, but also superhero movies in general. There's a ton of info in this interview and I highly recommend  it, especially if you're a fan of the adamantium-clawed mutant. If you want the condensed version, I can describe The Wolverine in three words: pain - despair - loss. That's the overall theme that I detected from Mangold's description of the film. Mangold also emphasized that Logan's invincibility - his healing factor - is one of the most fascinating aspects of the character.

I never really thought about it, but yeah I see what Mangold means...what would it be like to feel no physical pain or injury, but still feel emotional pain and suffering?

Key points from the EW interview with James Mangold 

  • The Wolverine draws heavily on the classic 1982 comic book series of the same name - including all the main characters.
  • Mangold made a point to compare Logan to a ronin - a samurai with no master.
  • Mangold wanted to direct The Wolverine because of his long friendship with Hugh Jackman and because he wanted to tell the story of an immortal character.
  • The filming location of Japan was important because it enabled Mangold to set a much different tone than the X-Men trilogy.
  • Mangold was glad that he could concentrate solely on the character of Logan and not other members of a team.
"For me, the idea of making a film with hardcore action, with physical action like I grew up reading in the comic books, but also with a heart – and this character has great heart – to me, it’s no different from making a western." - James Mangold via EW 
Those are just a few of the nuggets you'll find in the interview over on EW. Check out the whole shebang at the link below. What are you most excited about seeing in The Wolverine? 
'The Wolverine': New film cuts deep into Hugh Jackman hero | Inside Movies |
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A Swamp Thing Movie is Closer Than You Think

swamp thing, DC Comics, capes on film, dark universe

Swamp Thing is one of my favorite DC Comics characters, and for years now I've been following the developments regarding a movie based on him. A couple of months ago (Nov. 2012), I mentioned some rumors about director Guillermo del Toro and Warner Bros. having secret talks about finally bringing Swamp Thing and other supernatural characters from DC Comics together in a mega-budget film.

We finally got confirmation about those talks from del Toro himself via an interview he did with IGN today (Jan. 7). According to del Toro, the movie still has to get the greenlight from Warner Bros., but he also adds that he's picked the "perfect" screenwriter for the film. If you watch the interview below (it's about three minutes), you can't help but feel that this is a dream project for del Toro.

He says the working title of the film is  Dark Universe, and besides Swamp Thing, other characters appearing in the movie will be: Constantine, The Spectre, Deadman, and even the Jack Kirby creation, Etrigan the Demon.

I also found del Toro's comments about the upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel, to be most interesting. He talks about how Warner Bros. is going with a more sophisticated, darker tone for all of it's superhero properties, and how Superman and Batman are the "pillars" of its movie universe.
"With Superman, they (Warner Bros.) feel very confident about what they have...they have two pillars, Batman and Superman, for the DC Universe. Tonally, they have a darker tone...a  more urban and sophisticated tone." - Guillermo del Toro to IGN 
Are you as psyched as I am for Dark Universe to get off the ground?

Thanks to /Film for the heads up.

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Everything Wrong With 2012 Superhero Movies

Spider-Man,amazing spider-man movie,capes on film

Okay, this is tough to admit - as much as I love superhero movies, they often have scenes that leave me scratching my head and wondering what the hell the filmmakers were thinking. You know, I'm talking about those scenes that don't seem so ludicrous on the first viewing, but later I wonder how they ever made it into the screenplay. I guess the only way to describe those scenes that almost every movie has is "WTF-type moments".

The guys at Cinema Sins are masters at pulling out those WTF scenes (they call them "sins") and then making snarky videos that rate movies based on how many "sins" they contain. They make videos on all types of movies, but the three below are for 2012's biggest superhero flicks - The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Avengers. Besides being funny, these videos actually point out some writing mistakes that any aspiring filmmaker would be wise to note.

Did they neglect to mention any scenes that you found especially confusing?
Videos contain spoilers. 

Everything Wrong with The Amazing Spider-Man in Two Minutes 

Everything Wrong with The Dark Knight Rises in Three Minutes

Everything Wrong with The Avengers in Three Minutes

Thanks for the heads up to Reelz