'Batman Vs. Superman' Will Be Biggest Movie Ever Filmed In Michigan

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The state of Michigan (and the city of Detroit in particular) have been hit hard by economic woes in the last few years, but help is on the way. The state is set to reap the financial rewards of being the filming location of what could be the most anticipated movie in history.

According to Batman-News, The Wolverine State will welcome the largest film production in the state's history when the 'Man of Steel' sequel begins filming in early 2014.

Here's how The Detroit Free Press reported the news about the superhero movie -


"Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac will play a key role in what’s considered the biggest movie shoot ever to land in the state. The studio complex is serving as home to production offices for the Warner Bros./DC Entertainment project. When filming starts next year, all seven of the soundstages will be used. The still-untitled Superman-Batman movie is expected to occupy the complex through August."


For more on this Batman/Superman news, check out IGN's report below. 

If you're in Michigan when 'Man of Steel 2' is filming, let me know if you see the production in your area. 
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