Are These Possible Titles For The Batman / Superman Movie?

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News surfaced this week that Warner Bros. has purchased domain names for the 2015 movie that fans are calling 'Batman Vs. Superman'. Apparently, director Zack Snyder and the WB bigwigs are going for something a bit more nuanced for the title. A list of some of the possible names are below, courtesy of Check 'em out and let me know what you think.

  • Man of Steel Battle the Knight
  • Man of Steel Beyond Darkness
  • Man of Steel Black of Knight
  • Man of Steel Darkness Falls
  • Man of Steel Knight Falls
  • Man of Steel Shadow of the Night
  • Man of Steel The Blackest Hour
  • Man of Steel The Darkness Within
Here are some shorter versions of the titles that Warner Bros. also registered -

  • Battle the Knight
  • Black of Knight
  • Knight Falls
  • The Blackest Hour

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