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Luke Cage - Iron Fist - Marvel Comics
It's only been a week since Marvel announced it's bringing superheroes to Netflix, and this week we learned more about the projects. Reports surfaced on Tuesday (11-12-13) that Marvel has found writers for two of its Netflix series - 'Daredevil' and 'Jessica Jones' - and chances are you're already familiar with their work.

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Daredevil - Marvel Comics


According to TheWrap, 'Daredevil' will be penned by one of Joss Whedon's pals - Drew Goddard, who's been a creative force behind TV shows such as 'Lost', 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', and 'Alias'. Now, it's important to note that neither Marvel or Goddard has confirmed his involvement. However, if the report's accurate, Goddard will be tasked with telling the story of the blind attorney / superhero. 'Daredevil' will be set in New York City and it's targeted for a debut sometime in 2015.

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Jessica Jones - Marvel Comics

Jessica Jones

Meanwhile, THR reports the other Marvel / Netflix series - 'Jessica Jones' - will be written and produced by Melissa Rosenberg, whose resume includes penning the screenplays for the hugely successful 'Twilight' franchise. As THR points out, this won't be Rosenberg's first experience on a Marvel-related project. Several years ago, the ABC TV network recruited her to develop a series based on the same character - which had the title 'AKA Jessica Jones'. The series never went anywhere and a pilot was never filmed.


In case you missed the Marvel / Netflix announcement last week, you can read the press release, or check out the highlights below.

  • Marvel will produce 4 ongoing series of 13 episodes each
  • Besides the 2 series mentioned above, the other characters getting a solo show are a street-wise badass - Luke Cage, and a martial arts expert known as Iron Fist
  • All of the shows will be set in the streets of the New York neighborhood known as Hell's Kitchen.
  • Daredevil will kick off the Marvel lineup in 2015.
  • Eventually, all 4 characters will assemble to form the super-team 'The Defenders', which will have its own limited series.
  • As of Nov. 14, 2013, Marvel has not made casting announcements about any of the series.

More On Marvel / Netflix

Finally, for a bit more on this story, check out the excellent report below, courtesy of Clevver Movies.

How does this Marvel news sound to you? Do you have high hopes for these upcoming Netflix Original Series?
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