Rumor: Thor's Jamie Alexander Is Up For A Role in 'Batman Vs. Superman'

jamie alexander as sif
Jamie Alexander as Sif in 'Thor: The Darlk World' - Disney/Marvel
With 'Batman Vs. Superman' set to begin filming early next year, we can expect some huge casting announcements in the very near future. Of course, we already know Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck will star, and much of the supporting players will reprise their roles from 'Man of Steel'. However, it's safe to assume some choice parts are still up for grabs. Who's portraying the main villain? Will other superheroes be introduced into the rebooted DC movie universe? Will Bruce Wayne have a love interest? Those are all good questions that no one can answer right now.

Keep in mind that Warner Bros. has said nothing official about this, but it's also been widely speculated that Wonder Woman might be introduced in 'Batman Vs. Superman'. That brings us to today's rumor. Here's what's up - While  promoting 'Thor: The Dark World' at 'Stan Lee's Comikaze' convention in Los Angeles, Jamie Alexander made one little statement that set the rumor mills on fire. Alexander basically said that she was talking to Warner Bros. about the 'Man of Steel' sequel and that she knew about the plot.

Here's a Tweet from movie blogger Mark Hughes, who was in attendance at Comikaze -

Since only a few people would have access to the screenplay, the internet guessed that Alexander saw the script because she was up for a role. If that's true, the next question is - Which one? Is she being considered for a well-known character from DC comics lore, such as Lana Lang or Catwoman? Will WB introduce a new female character who wasn't in the comics?

Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity
Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So, what about Wonder Woman? Is there any way WB could be considering Alexander for the part of the Amazonian Princess? Again, all this is pure speculation at this point, but it's an interesting possibility. Whaddya think? As for me - I really don't think WB could find an actress that ticks all the boxes when it comes to playing Wonder Woman. Even more interesting, she talked about Wonder Woman back in January of this year, and she brushed aside any thought of playing her.

Which character do you think Jamie Alexander is talking to Warner Bros. about?

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