Hugh Jackman Says Playing Wolverine Is Getting Harder With Age

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This summer's 'The Wolverine' is arriving on DVD/Blu-ray Dec. 3, and its star Hugh Jackman is busy promoting the release. The actor sat down for a Q and A session with's Andy Lea and talked about all things X-Men. It's a great article if you're a fan of the X-Men franchise and you want every bit of info you can find on the movies.

The article covers a lot of territory and there's really too much to summarize in a single post, so I just wanted to give you a heads up. Check out the Tweet from the fan site for the article link.

Here are some of the questions Jackman tackles in the article - 

  • How difficult is it getting in shape to play Wolverine as he ages?
  • What exercise/nutrition regime did he use for 'The Wolverine?
  • How was he almost severely injured during the filming of 'The Wolverine'?
  • What was the most physically demanding scene he's done?
  • What are his thoughts on comic book movies getting attention from The Academy Awards?
  • Why were the scenes with Famke Janssen so important in 'The Wolverine'?

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