Watch A Stunning 2 Minute Tribute To 75 Years Of Superman


DC Comics unveiled this tribute to Superman today, and it's really a must-see for all comic book and movie fans. In just 2 minutes, the video traces the Man of Steel's 75 year history - from his first appearance in 1938's action Comics, all the way up to his 2013 cinematic reboot. I think it's an amazing piece of work and a worthy tribute to the greatest superhero. Check it out and see if you agree.

Can you spot all the Easter eggs? For a list of all the references and nods to Superman's history in the short, jump over to the DC Comics blog.

Also today, DC debuted the first episode of its webseries 'DC All Access'. Of course, this series is basically a 7 minute commercial for upcoming DC-related projects, but it still has some cool info. In the premiere episode below, Zack Snyder talks about the making of the 'Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short'. For the Snyder interview, skip to the 4:40 mark.

Have a look and let me know if you'll be watching 'DC All Access' every week.

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