Bryan Cranston Talks About That Lex Luthor Rumor

bryan cranston,lex luthor

Last week a rumor hit the internetz that 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston had signed on to play Superman's arch-nemesis Lex Luthor. The rumor not only said Cranston would appear in 2015's 'Batman Vs. Superman' movie, but 5 other Superman films as well!

It's important to note that Warner Bros. hasn't actually said Luthor is in the 'Man of Steel' sequel. Who knows? WB might want to save Lex for a future film and build up the anticipation.

Apparently, this new gig is a surprise to Cranston because he recently told -


"This is all news to me. I think that maybe my name is bandied about because I’m known to be bald. ‘What bald guy can we get?’"


To be honest, I thought the rumor might be legit, but after seeing Cranston's reaction it's obviously false. For a quick recap of the whole 'Cranston as Luthor' rumor, check out the video below from the guys at IGN.

So, who should play Lex Luthor (assuming he's in the sequel to 'Man of Steel')?

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