'Man of Steel' Star Henry Cavill Visits 'Sesame Street'

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None other than the 'Man of Steel' himself - Henry Cavill - visited Sesame Street to tape a segment for the preschool set. Watch Cavill and his pal Elmo teach the Big Bad Wolf about 'respect'. I gotta admit, I get a chuckle out of all these little videos that Sesame Street produces. They've made some cute and educational (and quite funny) parody clips of pop culture stuff, such as Sons of Anarchy, and visits from other big stars like Tom Hiddleston.

For a little behind-the-scenes info on Cavill's visit to Sesame Street, hit the link below.
'Man of Steel' star Henry Cavill meets Super Grover on 'Sesame Street' | The Family Room | EW.com

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