Must Watch: Fan-Made Trailer For The 'Avengers Vs. Justice League' Movie That Will Never Be

iron man,batman

What could be cooler than seeing Batman and Wolverine go toe-to-toe on the big screen, or how 'bout Thor and Superman in a battle of the titans? Well, nothing, nothing could be cooler than that.

Thanks to a brilliant editing job by a YouTuber, we can see what it might look like if the DC and Marvel universes collided in an epic showdown of superheroes. I hesitate to call this video a "fan-made trailer" because it might give you the idea it's amateurish. No - it's obvious this was created by someone with a great eye for action and drama. It's simply a superb piece of work.

Kudos to everyone involved in the making of this piece of awesomeness.

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