Will One Of These Actors Be The Next Batman?

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Who will play Batman in the follow-up to Man of Steel?

Ever since Warner Bros. announced that Superman would face off against The Dark Knight in the 2015 sequel to MoS, rumors have been swirling. Well, we might have a much better idea of who'll wear the cape and cowl in what will surely be one of the most anticipated movies in history.

If the reports are accurate, Warner Bros. is looking for an actor in his 30's or 40's, to play an "older and grizzled" Batman. This seems legit, since director Zach Snyder announced at Comic-Con that the movie is inspired by the graphic novel - Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (affiliate link). In that story, an aging, retired Bruce Wayne suits up one more time in order to battle Superman.

Yesterday (8-3-13), The Hollywood Reporter posted this article that allegedly has the short list of actors that Warner Bros. is eyeing. As THR points out, Superman vs. Batman (that's what everyone seems to be calling the movie) is in the early stage of pre-production. The script isn't even finished and the movie won't start filming for at least 6 months.

Lee's depiction of DC Comics' Superman and Batman.
Jim Lee's depiction of DC Comics' Superman and Batman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So, when you check out the list of actors who could potentially be your new Batman, remember that things can change fast in Hollywood. Next to each name below, I listed the actor's age and a bit of background info.

Actors (Possibly) Up For The Role Of Batman

  • Josh Brolin - (46) Some say he's the frontrunner for the role. Recently starred in Gangster Squad for Warner Bros, and reports say he's a favorite of the studio.
  • Ryan Gosling - (32) One of the younger actors on the list, but he's got a sparkling resume and a huge fan base. Most recently starred in Only God Forgives.
  • Matthew Goode - (35) Co-starred in another superhero movie - 2009's Watchmen. Recently starred in the psychological thriller - Stoker
  • Joe Manganiello - (36) He came in second to Henry Cavill for the role of Superman in Man of Steel. Currently appears in HBO's True Blood. Reports claim that he's a favorite of director Zack Snyder. 
  • Richard Armitage - (41) He played Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. He also had a small part in 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger - as Nazi spy Heinz Kruger. 
  • Max Martini - (43) Most recently appeared in Pacific Rim. Plays a Navy Seal commander in the upcoming Captain Phillips
Who do you think should be the next Batman? 
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  1. that is tough... i am not sure who grabs me, not really grabbing me... if it's hollywood, they will go with a well-known actor. if fan choice they would stick with bale... if it were me i would go for an unknown/known... since i know bale is not interested.

    1. I think there's a chance they'll go for a lesser known actor. Thanks Jeremy!


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