How The 'Ben Affleck As Batman' Movie Deal Went Down

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Are you wondering about the behind-the-scenes wheeling and dealing that lead to Ben Affleck becoming the next Batman?

Okay, I admit, unless you're a Batman nut or a film nerd, you're probably not wondering - but if you are, then read on.

Borys Kit of Heat Vision posted an analysis of the secret talks and backroom deals that took place in the last few months between Affleck and Warner Bros. Check out Why Ben Affleck Said 'Yes' to Batman (Analysis) to learn how the deal went down.

Kit also offers solid theories on why Warner Bros. wanted Affleck and how playing Batman makes a lot of sense for both the studio and the actor. One of the reasons I like Kit's article is because I agree with a lot he says. As I said before, I was stunned by the Affleck news at first, but later I realized it was a good call. Affleck is a veteran actor who can handle the pressure the role will bring, and the studio gets a talented, A-List star who can be an integral part of their movie universe for years to come.

Highlights From The Heat Vision Article

  • The announcement about Affleck came after a long negotiating process lasting several months.
  • Warner Bros. began looking at Affleck for the role shortly after 'Man of Steel' finished production (early 2013).
  • Director Zack Snyder contacted Affleck to gauge his interest.
  • The talks between Affleck's rep and Warner Bros. were so secret that WB execs didn't know about them.
  • Affleck is signed on for multiple movies.
  • Affleck could potentially be lining things up to direct and star in the future 'Justice League' movie.
Clevver Movies also has a quick rundown of the Batman casting news in the video below. Take a look and let me know if you think Warner Bros. and Affleck made the right decision.

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