New Fan Art - Simpsonized Versions of 'Man of Steel' Superman and Zod

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Check out these "Simpsonized' versions of Henry Cavill as Superman and Michael Shannon as General Zod from Man of Steel. They were drawn by a Belgian artist named Adrien Noterdaem, and I think they're perfect. I mean, they really look like they stepped out of a Simpsons cartoon!

For more Simpsonized characters, follow Adrien Noterdaem on Tumblr

Warner Bros., please get Fox on the phone and make this Man of Steel/Simpsons crossover happen!

On a side note - I learned over the weekend that Man of Steel became the most successful superhero reboot ever, in terms of box office sales. reported that Zack Snyder's epic passed 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man to take the number 1 spot. As of 7-6-13, Man of Steel's North American ticket sales totaled $263 million - $1 million more than TASM.

Superman / Simpsonized

Zod / Simpsonized

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