How Twitter Was Used To Market 'The Dark Knight Rises'

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I just wanted to share this infographic I found on that shows how Warner Bros. used Twitter to promote The Dark Knight Rises. It's a pretty interesting analysis and it shows how studios are relying on social media for marketing. I know nothing about the science of marketing, so I found this educational. Now I know what a "drip, drip, drip technique" is.

This infographic was part of research project by McMaster University, and they describe it as follows -

"With a focus on Twitter hashtags to investigate the research questions, this case study suggests reasons why the creation of an audience-targeted social media campaign successfully sustained the fan community for Warner Bros. feature film The Dark Knight Rises, even in the wake of a tragedy. Through a discourse analysis, this 4 month pilot case study explores the strategic creation of the viral marketing campaign for the film. The two main theories examined were Elihu Katz's Uses and Gratifications theory and the public relations drip-drip-drip technique."

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  1. There's enough that works in The Dark Knight Rises that I can overlook most of the more glaring flaws, but it remains to date the most disappointing film I've seen from 2012.

    Grace Crawford Bristol Bay Alaska Fishing Lodges

    1. Hey Grace thanks for the comment! I wasn't too thrilled with TDKR either - although Tom Hardy was great as Bane.


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