Infographic Shows The Evolution Of Superman's Symbol From 1938 To Today

Superman logo via DC Comics 
I spotted this Superman infographic on GeekTyrant and thought it was outstanding. Several of these types of infographics have popped up over the the years - all showing the evolution of Superman's iconic "S" shield, but this one is brand new. It shows how the "S" appeared in Action Comics #1 back in 1938 (Supes's debut), up to 2013's Man of Steel movie. This is perfect timing because the meaning of the symbol is a key scene in the Man of Steel trailer.

Lois Lane asks Kal-El: "What's the "S" stand for?"

He replies: "On my world it means "hope".

What's also cool about this graphic is how the writer and designer - Kate Willaert - includes some facts about how the artists in each era influenced the design. All-in-all, this is required study for any comic or pop culture fan.

Big thanks to for making this available. Be sure to stop by their site and check out all the Superman-related costumes.

Click the image for a larger view.

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