The Last 'Man of Steel' Trailer Is The Best Trailer Of All

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Aw damn, Warner Bros., you went and saved the best Man of Steel trailer for last! (At least I think this is last one.)

Really, this thing is 2 minutes of pure nerdgasm-inducing superhero action. The last two weeks we've seen a barrage of promotional material for Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, but this trailer tops em all. I'm all out of adjectives in my attempts to describe the awesomeness, so you guys help me out after you watch it a couple (or 12) times.

Man of Steel opens on June 14.

Bonus! Supes himself - Henry Cavill - talks to MTV about what it was like filming Man of Steel. Watch below.


  1. my coverage has completed one week... i am getting excited with every piece that they are sharing...


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