Man of Steel Movie Quotes - Yes We Already Have a List Of Favorites

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I thought this was pretty cool. A Superman fan on Ranker put together this list of quotes from all of the Man of Steel trailers and TV spots that Warner Bros. has released so far. In the last couple of weeks, some new footage from the movie has shown up almost every day, so it's easy to lose track of them. That's why I wanted to share this list. It's a great way to get caught up on any trailers that you missed.

I was thinking about compiling all of the videos myself, so this dude saved me a lot of work. Thanks, whoever you are.

Note: The quotes listed here are really just the titles. Hitting the link below the list takes you to Ranker, where you can see the full quote, plus a description of each trailer.

Clicking on each video will take you to Warner Bros.' YouTube channel, and you can also vote up or down on the quotes by hitting the thumb icon.

Was there a particular trailer or TV spot that you thought was the best?

Man of Steel Movie Quotes

Bonus: Watch this 3 minute interview with Henry Cavill that was published on June 3. He talks about the day he learned he got the role of Superman.

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  1. This really is an exciting time for a Superman fan. The movie had some really movinglines. My favorites are "Can't I just be your son?" "You are my son..."

    "You think you're son is safe? I will find him!"

    1. Hey Maurice thanks for the comment. Yeah this movie's gonna have a bunch of great quotes. Stop by after you see it and lemme know what you think!


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