Infographic Shows How Much Bank Superman Has Earned Since 1938

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Man of Steel is a certified blockbuster! As of 6-18-13, the Superman reboot has earned over $200 million (US dollars) in worldwide box office sales ($128 million in North America) - says The Hollywood Reporter. Of course, The Last Son of Krypton has been incredibly popular since his first appearance in 1938. Man of Steel is further proof that his popularity is stronger than ever.

For an excellent rundown on the box office numbers of Man of Steel, check out the video below from Newsy. It points out that the movie broke the record for highest earnings for a movie opening in June. Oh yeah, and in case you haven't heard, Warner Bros. has already announced they're working on the sequel as I write this.

To honor the release of Supe's latest cinematic adventure, the folks at Finances Online created this infographic that charts Superman's milestones over the decades. It's fun to scroll through this graphic, even if you're a long-time fan and already know a lot about Superman. It has lots of trivia from comic books, TV and movies.

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Superman: From the Golden Age of Comics to Today
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