Iron Man 3 - 5 Ways The Marvel Epic Rocked

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Alright guys, Iron Man 3's been in theaters in some parts of the world for a week, and here in the States it's been playing for just a day. If you're reading this blog, then I'm betting you're the type who's already seen it.

If you've seen it, did Iron Man 3 live up to your expectations?

Of course, I was among the first in line yesterday for an afternoon showing and I've spent a few hours getting my thoughts together about how I feel. This post isn't a proper review - it's just a few quick reactions that I wanted to get on the record.

On the chance you haven't seen it - don't worry, this is spoiler-free.

What I Liked About Iron Man 3

  • The movie expands on the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe by introducing new concepts and characters from the comic books - I'm thinking primarily about the Extremis tech, supporting characters like Ellen Brandt and Maya Hansen, and villains - The Mandarin and Aldrich Killian.
  • The screenplay brilliantly captured the classic Marvel "conflicted superhero" angle. That real-life, psychological element is what made Marvel Comics so revolutionary when Iron Man was created in the 1960s. I loved how they portrayed Tony Stark dealing with his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (I'm assuming that's what he's suffering from - they never say in the movie.)
  • Don Cheadle's Colonol James Rhodey Rhodes - I thought it was great how Rhodey's military "by the book" attitude played off of Tony's snarky one-liners. The dialogue between the two of them made for some of the best scenes.
  • Ben Kingsley - For me, Sir Ben's performance was one of the highlights in a movie stuffed full of great elements. When I see the movie again, it'll be Kingsley's scenes that I'll look forward to the most. The Mandarin's terrorist rantings were truly menacing, scary, and then...well, you know.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow in all her scenes. I loved how the writers gave Pepper Potts so much more to do in this movie than in her previous outings in the first two Iron Man flicks and The Avengers. The trailers already show Pepper wearing the armor, so I'm not spoiling it when I say she has a major action scene that kicks major ass. Oh and by the way, how is it possible for a 41 year old chick with two kids to have abs like that? Holy crap! Please don't tell me those were CGI.

Okay, obviously I could on, but like I said this ain't a proper review. Those are just a few things that stuck with me after I left the movie. Maybe later I'll run down a few things that I thought weren't so cool about this latest Marvel epic.

What was your favorite part of Iron Man 3? Hit me up in the comments.

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Bonus: Here's a 90 second interview Don Cheadle talking to MTV about why that heavy ass Iron Patriot armor wasn't as fun as it looked.

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