10 Marvel Superhero Movies - An Opening Date Infographic

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Having trouble keeping up with all the upcoming movies featuring Marvel Comics characters? No worries - A Reddit user created this cool graphic that shows the release dates for all the films in the pipeline.
image source: Reddit - click to enlarge


  • Keep in mind this graphic includes movies from all the studios - Disney/Marvel, 20th Century Fox, and Sony. 
  • Apparently the person who made this is outside the USA because the dates are international opening days. These days, most movies open outside the USA one week before they open in America.
  • Marvel Studios also announced a Doctor Strange movie - but there's no release date as of April 12, 2013.
  Kudos to whoever made this graphic! I especially like the fan-made posters!

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  1. That's very useful. Cheers, Matthew! I think I'm looking forward to Thor: The Dark World the most... but it's a long time until October :-(

    1. Thanks Simon! Yeah I can't wait to see more of the 9 Realms in ThorTDW.


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