All Marvel Heroes Assembled in the Fan-made Marvel Universe Trailer

Nick Fury by Sheridan Johns
Watch and be inspired by this brand new fan-made "trailer" by YouTuber ShadesAtKnight. It assembles Marvel's greatest comic book and cinematic heroes into a fantasy team-up for the ages. Yeah, fans have made clips like this before, but this one's special. I can tell this was a labor a love by a true believer.

What makes this video special is the stirring speech by Samuel L. Jackson, who talks about going above and beyond what's expected. I also love that the clip editor included scenes from almost every movie featuring a Marvel character. My only complaint is that Wesley Snipes' Blade isn't here. That's a minor quibble though, the awesomeness of the video overall makes up for the Vampire Slayer's absence.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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