The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Behind-the-Scenes Tweets from the Director

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Marc Webb, You Tease

When it comes to generating buzz for upcoming movies, Twitter is fast becoming the go-to platform for some directors.

Case in point - Marc Webb, the director of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Webb has been Tweeting a behind-the-scenes pic from the set of TASM2 every day since filming started on the movie February 5.

Granted, these pics aren't earth-shattering, but they give us a glimpse into a world that until recently was off limits. I'm sure as the TASM2 filming progresses, the pics will become much more interesting. I embedded a few of Webb's Tweets below, which show the pics from the first five days of filming. Webb didn't post a pic on Saturday, Feb. 9, so I'm assuming the blizzard that hit New York City might be the reason.

Is the Green Goblin in TASM2?

The pic from Day 3 is especially interesting because it shows a morgue locker with the number "14" on it and the hashtag #happybirthday. As an article on Splashpage explained, some people think this is a hint that we'll see The Green Goblin in TASM2.

The Goblin made his first appearance in the comic book The Amazing Spider-Man, in issue number 14. Also - Feb. 6 was actor Dane DeHaan's birthday, and DeHaan plays Norman's son, Harry, in the movie. Gotta admit, those are pretty strong clues that we'll see ol' Gobby harassing poor Pete once again.

More Spidey News

By the way, if you missed it, Columbia Pictures issued a press release last week that announced the start of filming of TASM2, and it also mentioned a couple of new cast members.

What's Your Take?

Looking forward to your thoughts on TASM2 as it gets deeper into production and more teasers are released!