Man of Steel in Lego - Superman Trailer Gets a Plastic Remake

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Does anybody not like Lego versions of their favorite superhero movies? Answer - Of course not! Every blockbuster of 2012 was given the Lego treatment, and the latest...umm, honor, goes to the Superman reboot Man of Steel. Check out the scene-for-scene Lego-ized remake that Italian animator, Antonio Toscano, created, which he appropriately calls Man of Bricks. Even though I've seen lots of these fan-made Lego trailers, I'm not tired of them in the least. In fact, Man of Bricks might be the best one I've seen yet.

I'm sure Antonio put a ton of hours into the making of this trailer - show him some love by giving a "thumbs up" on his YouTube page. As always, I'm looking for fan-made art, videos, or anything else superhero-related, so let me know if you have any work that you want to share.

Compare Antonio's version of the Man of Steel trailer with the real thing.

Man of Steel opens on June 14, 2013.
Thanks to MTV


  1. Hee hee, I know someone who will just love this!

    I'll watch Man of Steel but I'm reluctant to get too involved. I guess I'm just bewildered because like with Spiderman, I thought there were more films in the 2006 reboot.

    1. Glad you liked this as much as I did Mandy :D

  2. i love legos... love superman, i mean the man of steel. i have my fingers crossed for this film... i am just afraid. it's going to be to tim burton-wanna-be's... think that makes sense.

    the 2006's version could have been better if they would have written a script. there were some very cool scenes, just wrapped around words.

    1. I really liked the trailer for Man of Steel, but yeah, fingers crossed. Thanks Jeremy.


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